Marc Simpson & Bobby Roberts

Marc Simpson and Bobby Roberts have both been creating art since childhood. They were born and raised in the same small town in Northeastern Arizona; after high school graduation, Marc went on to become a union journeyman pipe fitter/welder.  Bobby also spent time in the welding/boilermaking trade, then later became a correctional officer; 3 decades later, they were reunited and fell in love.

Their Community Art piece, Kodiak Jack, is a one-of-a-kind metal sculpture made of re-purposed steel pipe.  Their experience as welders shows in the incredible detail work; the wavy hair pattern was created with a MIG welder, with added sparkle from a Dewalt end grinder.  Kodiak Jack is finished with several layers of automotive clear coat to ensure that he will withstand the elements; he took 8 months (3,500 hours) to complete.

Marc & Bobby’s website is at; you can also hear an audio interview with them here.